INTARCON presente en Chillventa 2022

INTARCON presents its new products in Chillventa 2022

INTARCON will be present at Chillventa 2022 from 11 to 13 October in Nuremberg (Germany), where it will present the latest products, reinforcing its commitment to equipment and solutions for commercial and industrial refrigeration with natural refrigerants. INTARCON's product range consists of a wide range...

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Conservación de productos lácteos

The preservation of dairy products

The daily consumption of certain products with a high vitamin content makes the correct preservation of dairy products essential for optimal processing and consumption. Dairy product processing. The processing of dairy products requires a high degree of processing regardless of the type of product. For example, milk...

co2 refrigeration

R744 refrigerant

Due to growing concerns about the harmful impact that fluorinated refrigerants can have on the environment, natural refrigerants have made a comeback, especially R744 (CO2) refrigerant and R717 (NH3) refrigerant used for industrial purposes at low temperatures. In this post we will talk about CO2...

Refrigeration system INTARCON

Refrigeration systems

What is a refrigeration system? A refrigeration system is a mechanical process or arrangement that is responsible for lowering the temperature between two points. For this process to take place, the thermodynamic properties of matter are involved, which are responsible for transferring thermal energy or heat...

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La importancia de la congelación de alimentos - INTARCON

The importance of freezing food

Today, the method of freezing food to preserve it in the best possible conditions is one of the most extended methods, together with food refrigeration, although it is important to know the key factors that determine good food freezing. What is freezing food? Food freezing is a...

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Compresores de refrigeración industrial - INTARCON

Industrial or commercial refrigeration compressors

Industrial or commercial refrigeration compressors are the fundamental part of the equipment and systems responsible for supplying and satisfying the refrigeration needs of a specific space, chamber, process... Compressors: the core of refrigeration systems What is a refrigeration compressor? The compressor is the main component of refrigeration equipment,...

Tipos de cámaras frigoríficas

Types of cold rooms

Cold rooms are spaces where, thanks to a refrigeration system that establishes certain climatic conditions, the conservation or manufacturing process of different products is favoured.They are a fundamental element in many sectors. From the food and HORECA sector for the correct preservation of food, to...

What is monoblock refrigeration unit - INTARCON

What are monoblocks refrigeration units?

Monoblock refrigeration units are equipments where the condensing unit and the evaporating unit are in the same construction. The refrigeration cycle of any refrigeration equipment or system has several processes: compression, condensation, expansion, and evaporation. This refrigeration cycle can be implemented in split systems, where the...

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Quel compresseur pour chambre froide unit - INTARCON

What is the right equipment for a cold room?

It is very important not to make a mistake in the choice of refrigeration equipment for a cold room, as the optimal functioning and preservation of our products will depend on it. Types of cold rooms There are various types of cold rooms depending on their application,...

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Header La importancia de no equivocarse - INTARCON

How to choose a refrigeration unit?

Choose a refrigeration unit is important because refrigeration is present in many processes and applications, not only food products, medicines, chemicals, raw materials, process products... The correct choice of refrigeration equipment is essential so that the product to be preserved does not lose its properties, the...

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Header post comprometidos con la formación INTARCON

Committed to training

Since its beginnings, INTARCON has been committed to the training of young people who will be the professionals of the future. Proof of this is the constant support and participation in training activities and programmes, as well as the collaboration with the FP Dual. In the...

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tecnología co2

Transcritical CO2 compact condensing units

For applications such as supermarkets, INTARCON offers compact transcritical CO2 condensing units with built-in gas cooler. CO2 has become one of the most popular natural refrigerants in recent years. It is classified at safety level as A1, "non-flammable" and "low toxicity". It has excellent thermo-physical properties, although...

unidades de refrigeración catálogo 2022

Catalogue of cooling solutions for 2022-2023

INTARCON has recently presented its 2022-2023 product catalogue. The new products include a wide range of cooling solutions for the agri-food industry, the HORECA sector, supermarkets, industry and logistics, among others. It also has specific systems for high humidity applications, wine cellars or meat preservation...

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Equipos INTARCON donados a el Hospital Nacional de Niños en San José

INTARCON equipment donated to the National Children’s Hospital in San José (Costa Rica)

The National Children’s Hospital (HNN) in San José, Costa Rica, has been equipped with INTARCON propane refrigeration units for a few days now. This equipment has been donated jointly by GIZ Costa Rica, and the cold room built by Dicoma Corporación, INTARCON’s commercial agent in...

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Nueva restricción del reglamento F-Gas 2022

New restriction of the F-Gas regulation

Two out of three refrigeration installations in supermarkets will be obsolete from last January of 2022.With the new year, the new restriction of the European F-Gas regulation will come into effect. Medium or large supermarkets are still operating with an HFC Freon refrigeration plant (third generation...

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Refrigerantes naturales INTARCON

The role of natural refrigerants in air conditioning and refrigeration

We are at a key moment in the new era of the refrigeration sector. In this new decade of "fighting climate change", fluorinated refrigerants with a high greenhouse effect will be definitively abandoned in favour of alternative refrigerants and solutions. Natural refrigerants have advantages and...


C&R 2021 Innovation Gallery

INTARCON presents the products selected by the Innovation Gallery at the International Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Exhibition 2021: Waterloop evaporating units Waterloop commercial refrigeration units are a split type system for cold room refrigeration, using only water pipes as the connection between the units. The range is composed...

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Baja carga de amoníaco en secaderos

Low ammonia refrigeration to increase the reliability of ham curing processes.

The advancement of low ammonia charge technology for safer, more reliable and efficient installations in the meat industry.La Bodega BarcienceLa Bodega de Barcience of Eulogio Ramos S.A. has switched to low-ammonia refrigeration to increase the reliability of the ham curing process in its drying sheds. Recently,...


INTARCON in C&R 2021

Leading trade fair in Spain for the air conditioning and refrigeration sectors. INTARCON participates in the new edition of C&R'21 together with Keyter, Genaq y kiconex from 16 to 19 November 2021. The last edition of 2019 brought together the novelties of 374 direct exhibitors and...

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Sustainable refrigeration in industrial kitchens and supermarkets with R290

If we look at the commercial refrigeration sector in the cooling capacity range, we can see that propane (R290) has been confirmed as the best natural refrigerant in small commercial equipment such as refrigerated cabinets, display cabinets and compact commercial units for small cold rooms...


INTARCON price list update 2021

Dear Customer, Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked unprecedented havoc on global and national economies. In recent months, as a post pandemic effect in the midst of the crisis exit, we have been faced with an unpredictable upturn in inflation. In Spain, the UK...

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Cloud-based refrigeration equipment monitoring and control systems

Remote monitoring and control systems for refrigeration equipment are based on data storage in the cloud, which through an IoT platform allows transforming this data to obtain information from it.What is an IoT platform and what is it for?The Internet of Things (IoT) is one...

We strengthened our management team to accelerate the INTARCON strategic plan.

INTARCON strengthens its management team for the successful implementation of its Strategic Plan 2021-2025

INTARCON strengthens its management team for the successful implementation of its Strategic Plan 2021-2025 with Germán Gil, former Director of Business Development of the group for America, who will assume the roles of Commercial Manager of INTARCON taking responsibility for sales, prescription, and Project Managers....

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Chillventa eSpecial 2020

Chillventa eSpecial 2020

One more edition, INTARCON will be at Chillventa eSpecial between 13 and 15 October 2020 showing the latest developments in commercial and industrial refrigeration with natural refrigerants. We will be at the suporting programme with a presentation to show our NH3 chiller – ammolite. 📅 14.10.2020 🕑 12:15 / 12:30 (GMT+2) “Very-low charge...

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Cabecera gases prohibidos en 2020 - INTARCON

Refrigerant gases for refrigeration prohibited in 2020

For refrigerant gases used in refrigeration, the “F-gas” Regulation (EU) 517/2014, on fluorinated greenhouse gases established certain prohibitions on the use and placing on the market of such gases as of 1 January 2020. Firstly, direct quote:Article 13 “Control of use”“From 1 January 2020, the...

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F-gas or the prohibition of fluorinated gases

Six years ago, the European Parliament approved Regulation (EU) No. 517/2014, known as the F-gas Regulation on the prohibition of fluorinated gases, which established a schedule for the reduction and gradual prohibition of current fluorinated greenhouse gases.F-gas prohibitions in the coming yearsIn terms of the...

La importancia de la refrigeración en alimentos - INTARCON

The importance of refrigeration in food

Most of the foodstuffs consumed daily nowadays need to be refrigerated because they are perishable (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc.). For this reason, it is essential to guarantee their safety for as long as possible, thus avoiding possible health problems.What is the importance of refrigerating...

Cold rooms for the preservation and maturation of meat in the HORECA sector

In this post we will talk about the importance of cold rooms for the preservation and maturation of meat in the HORECA sector. Meat is a naturally perishable product, leaving it exposed to heat, light, vibrations or fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause any type...

New Commercial Catalogue 2020

INTARCON presents its new catalogue and rate of the Commercial Range 2020. This new commercial catalogue is the result of a commitment by INTARCON to continue offering the most innovative solutions. In this edition we expand the range of models R290 intarblock, and the development of the...

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Information about coronavirus or COVID-19

KEYTER INTARCON GENAQ provide information about adopted all the necessary measures to protect the health and safety of our employees and our partners. Up to date we have not registered any trouble concerning the regular continuity of our activities in production chain or logistics coverage...

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Subcritical CO2 refrigeration

Before you start reading this post, we think you might be interested in the article on Refrigeration with CO2What is a subcritical CO2 cycle?Subcritical cycles are those in which the refrigerant can be condensed, i.e. the compressor discharge pressure is lower than the critical pressure. In...

Transcritical CO2 refrigeration

Commonly known as R-744 when used as a refrigerant, carbon dioxide (CO2) has become one of the most popular natural refrigerants in recent times.It is a refrigerant classified according to the Safety Regulations for Refrigeration Installations as "Safety Class = A1", i.e. "non-flammable" and "low toxicity".It has...

Wine refrigeration in wine cellars

Optimal wine preservation and refrigeration conditions in wine cellarsA wine cellars or winery is a storage room for wine in bottles or barrels.Wine is a natural perishable product; exposure to heat, light, vibration or fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause any wine to spoil....

Refrigeration with glycol INTARCON

Glycol and R290 for industrial and commercial refrigeration applications

Eco-friendly refrigerant gases how glycol and R290 are widely used in refrigeration chambers nowadays. This is the case due to two main reasons: The increase in taxes on the use of fluorinated gases. For on-going search for an eco-friendly and less polluting alternative. The recent crisis...

Refrigeración de cadaveres en una morgue

Recommendations for corpse refrigeration applications

It is common practice to corpse refrigeration in funeral parlours and, in some cases, a mandatory practice for the temporary preservation of the corpse after death and until burial or cremation. With the entry into force of the new autonomous community regulations on sanitation for cemeteries...

Substitute natural refrigerants

With the entry into force of the EU's F-Gas Regulation 517/2014, we need to find natural replacement refrigerants that allow us to operate our refrigeration equipment properly and as they have been operating until now.Due to growing concerns about the harmful impact that fluorinated refrigerants can have...

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Cabecera refrigerantes más usados en refrigeración

Types of refrigerant gases that are most commonly used for refrigeration

The time has come! The European F-Gas regulation prohibited the use of HFC refrigerant gases containing PCA ≥ 2500 in new installations on 1 January 2020. Moreover, refrigerants containing GWP ≥ 150 will be prohibited from 2022 onwards; this has revolutionised the industrial refrigeration sector, forcing...

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Gases refrigerantes en la refrigeración INTARCON

How to choose the right refrigerant gas for your equipment

The aim of this article is to analyse the different factors that must be taken into account when choosing the type of refrigerant gas for commercial refrigeration equipment considering the chamber temperature range in which we want to operate. Traditionally in recent decades, the refrigerant par...


KEYTER-INTARCON participated in ISK SODEX ISTANBUL 2018 The ISK SODEX exhibition took place in Istanbul TUYAP exhibition center from the 7th to the 10th of Februry 2018. KEYTER-INTARCON NEWTECH presented the new products and had many visits. Event Dates ISK SODEX: 7-10 February Visiting Hours: 7-8-9 (Wednesday - Friday) February:...

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New developments and innovations presented at C&R17

During the last C&R17 exhibition, INTARCON presented its product range of refrigeration solutions. Also, this solutions from commercial ultra slim monoblock equipment for commercial refrigeration, to refrigeration systems using a subcritical CO2 circuit. Meet Javier Cano - Commercial Manager at INTARCON . All the new developments...

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Refrigeration units by Intarcon

Since its foundation in 2007, INTARCON has developed a complete range of cooling systems for the commercial and industrial refrigeration sectors. Nowadays INTARCON has a catalogue that includes a thousand of product references in order to meet our customer’s needs. INTARCON refrigeration units cover a...

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Chillventa 2014: refrigeration trends

Recently the 4th edition of Chillventa, the most important European meeting on refrigeration technology and HVAC, took place in Nuremberg. (more…)

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R134a in the new refrigeration units by Intarcon

The great innovation in 2014 INTARCON catalogues are the new models with R134A refrigerant for positive temperature in all commercial series. According to the new European legislative framework, the refrigerant R134A is nowadays the best choice for medium and high temperature cooling systems.A new regulatory...

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100.000 toneladas de CO2 por año

100.000 CO2 tonnes per year

By reducing refrigerant loads within INTARCON units, we avoid the emission of fluorinated greenhouse gases emission of about 100.000 CO2 equivalent tones per year

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Plantas de glicol Intarcon, más cerca de las estrellas

Intarcon glycol chillers, closer to the stars

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) chose Intarcon to develope a new glycol chillers to equip the four VLTI auxiliary telescopes in the Paranal Observatory in Chile. These Intarcon units are able to supply continously chilled glycol water at 25 Celsius degrees below zero to cool the telescope detectors at night. Glycol...

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Chillventa 2014, el futuro de la refrigeración

Chillventa 2014, the future of refrigeration

In a few weeks the next International Exhibition Chillventa will be held in Nuremberg, monographic which to a great extend set the trends of European cooling industry. In spite of the short duration of this edition, reduced to 3 days (from 14th to 16th October),...

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Nuevo impuesto sobre gases fluorados.

New tax on fluorinated gases

From first January 2014, a new tax regulation on fluorinated gases is into force in Spain, which taxes the HFCs reload in cooling systems according to the gas GWP (Global Warming Potential). (more…)