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El futuro sostenible de la refrigeración ¿Por qué R744 o CO2? - INTARCON

The sustainable future of refrigeration, why R744 or CO2?

In the world of refrigeration, the search for more efficient and sustainable solutions has led to a growing popularity of refrigerant R744 or CO2, also known as supercritical carbon dioxide....


The revision of the F-Gas Regulation

For several years, the European Commission has been working on the revision of the F-Gas regulation, known as F-Gas. This regulation regulates the marketing of fluorinated greenhouse gases through prohibitions...

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R744 refrigerant

Due to growing concerns about the harmful impact that fluorinated refrigerants can have on the environment, natural refrigerants have made a comeback, especially R744 (CO2) refrigerant and R717 (NH3) refrigerant...

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Transcritical CO2 compact condensing units

For applications such as supermarkets, INTARCON offers compact transcritical CO2 condensing units with built-in gas cooler. CO2 has become one of the most popular natural refrigerants in recent years. It...

Refrigerantes naturales INTARCON

The role of natural refrigerants in air conditioning and refrigeration

We are at a key moment in the new era of the refrigeration sector. In this new decade of "fighting climate change", fluorinated refrigerants with a high greenhouse effect will...


Sustainable refrigeration in industrial kitchens and supermarkets with R290

If we look at the commercial refrigeration sector in the cooling capacity range, we can see that propane (R290) has been confirmed as the best natural refrigerant in small commercial...

F-gas or the prohibition of fluorinated gases

Six years ago, the European Parliament approved Regulation (EU) No. 517/2014, known as the F-gas Regulation on the prohibition of fluorinated gases, which established a schedule for the reduction and...


Subcritical CO2 refrigeration

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What is a subcritical CO2 cycle?

Subcritical cycles are those in which...

co2 refrigeration

CO2 refrigeration

Due to growing fears about the detrimental effects that fluorinated refrigerants can have on the environment, natural refrigerants have experienced a new renaissance, especially CO2 and NH3 refrigeration used...

Refrigeration with glycol INTARCON

Glycol and R290 for industrial and commercial refrigeration applications

Eco-friendly refrigerant gases how glycol and R290 are widely used in refrigeration chambers nowadays. This is the case due to two main reasons: The increase in taxes on the use...

Gases refrigerantes en la refrigeración INTARCON

How to choose the right refrigerant gas for your equipment

The aim of this article is to analyse the different factors that must be taken into account when choosing the type of refrigerant gas for commercial refrigeration equipment considering the...

Unknown and surprising R152a

Un refrigerante ecológico que no paga impuestos. Probablemente la alternativa más económica y eficiente para las instalaciones de refrigeración en la industria.

Nuevo impuesto sobre gases fluorados.

New tax on fluorinated gases

From first January 2014, a new tax regulation on fluorinated gases is into force in Spain, which taxes the HFCs reload in cooling systems according to the gas GWP (Global...