Refrigerant gases

F-gas or the prohibition of fluorinated gases

Six years ago, the European Parliament approved Regulation (EU) No. 517/2014, known as the F-gas Regulation on the prohibition of fluorinated gases, which established a schedule for the reduction and gradual prohibition of current fluorinated greenhouse gases  F-gas prohibitions in the coming years In terms of...

co2 refrigeration

CO2 refrigeration

Due to growing concerns about the harmful impact that fluorinated refrigerants can have on the environment, natural refrigerants have made a comeback, especially NH3 and CO2 used for industrial purposes at low temperatures. In this post we will talk about CO2 refrigeration. Commonly known as...

Nuevo impuesto sobre gases fluorados.

New tax on flourinated gases

From first January 2014, a new tax regulation on fluorinated gas is into force in Spain, which taxes the HFCs reload in cooling systems according to the gas GWP (Global Warming Potential).(more…)