New tax on fluorinated gases

Nuevo impuesto sobre gases fluorados.

New tax on fluorinated gases

From first January 2014, a new tax regulation on fluorinated gases is into force in Spain, which taxes the HFCs reload in cooling systems according to the gas GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Tax Regulation on Greenhouse Fluorinated Gas Effect
Law of adopted measures of environmental taxation

Therefore, Spain becomes one of the first EU members to adopt measures against climate change in the frame of the planned review of F-Gaz European Directive which pursuits the reduction of HFC fluorinated gases emissions. The new fiscal measures comply by far even the European aims to this respect, rather focused to set out a new calendar of HFCs phase out, whereas the tax application has been rejected by other EU members.

This law sets out a progressive introduction of the tax within three years in order that the amount to pay from 2016 on will be 20 euro per ton equivalent of CO2, only concerning refrigerant loading. The distributors of refrigerant and the big installers will collect the tax, which will be output to little installers and final consumers.

The manufacturers of equipment are classified as final consumers of refrigerant, which would be exempted from the tax for being integrated in new manufacture equipment. Thus, the preloaded gas in our equipment is not and won’t be taxed

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