Refrigeration in dryers

La refrigeración en secadero de jamones - INTARCON

Refrigeration in ham dryers

Ham dryers are rooms in which the maturation and drying phase takes place in a controlled environment. The optimal conditions in these facilities cause the ham to cure slowly, acquiring organoleptic properties suitable for human consumption, such as flavour, texture, hardness, etc. This process is one...

La refrigeración en secaderos - INTARCON

Refrigeration in dryers

The drying process currently plays a crucial role in the food industry by allowing the drying of certain products and increasing their shelf life, providing safety by allowing food safety to be maintained for a longer period of time. However, to ensure that products maintain...

Baja carga de amoníaco en secaderos

Low-charge ammonia refrigeration to increase the reliability of ham curing processes.

The advancement of low ammonia charge technology for safer, more reliable and efficient installations in the meat industry. La Bodega Barcience La Bodega de Barcience of Eulogio Ramos S.A. has switched to low-ammonia refrigeration to increase the reliability of the ham curing process in its drying sheds. Recently,...