Supervision and control

The most advanced system for the remote regulation and control of refrigeration installations

INTARCON has a specialised monitoring and control system for refrigeration and HVAC installations. kiconex is based on IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0.


kiconex focuses on the interconnectivity (a crucial variable of the IoT) of industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning units to supervise the operation, consumption and performance, alarms, etc. of these units in an easy and intuitive way, at any time and from any place. All of this occurs in real time.


kiconex is more than just an industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning installation and unit monitoring and supervision system. kiconex can be used to manage (control) any installation from any point, with a process that is identical to that carried out on-site. The system can perform the following actions on any unit in an installation: change the setpoints, start, end, extend, shorten and program the demisting cycles, send the order to start or shut down the unit, change the cycles (cold/heat), lock the thermostat keypads, etc.


kiconex can integrate any unit with communication features without the need to use gateways, and is also capable of taking readings from the different field elements of an installation (probes, transducers, etc.) and performing actions according to the values obtained by each element.


kiconex is a fully Plug & Play system to ensure that it is easy to handle, since it is configured at the factory and updated online.