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In INTARCON we are aware of the technological evolution of the refrigeration sector in front of the new environmental regulations, betting on the development of market solutions with technical and economic viability.

A product adapted to the needs of the market and excellent customer service is one of our differentiating factors. Retrofit of facilities, refrigeration of large surfaces such as warehouses and logistics platforms, supermarkets and hypermarkets, food process rooms, warehouses, cold rooms and kitchens of hotels, restaurants and hospitals, mortuary cold rooms…

Or human team have high experience and long professional career whose purpose is to advise and collaborate on all our clients’ projects, calculating the best cooling system and solutions with our products, working day by day with the aim of improving customer service.

What does the technical advice service in commercial and industrial refrigeration include?

We have a global advisory program to help you meet all the needs of your project in a personalised solutions. An integral service that includes aspects such as:

  • Proposed cooling system based on your preferences, type of application, competitors, etc.
  • Calculation of refrigeration needs according to technical data, restrictions, customs of the area or country of installation and / or maximum possible standardization of units.


Our team can guide you on how to select the best solutions to achieve your goals in refrigeration projects.