Technical assistance service

INTARCON we have a team of people with great technical capacity and a high knowledge of refrigeration systems and installations, qualified to give support to the client in the installation giving service to national and international level. Our Technical Assistance Service network is a very valuable and valued tool for our clients. The service includes from the Door to Door of equipment of certain complexity until the supervision of the equipment or substitution of components in situ both in the guarantee period as well as in the end, and any need that our clients require of our Technical Assistance teams.

Technical support

From INTARCON we offer a service of Technical Support to the installer, which allows to solve the customer’s concerns or possible incidents in the installation in an optimal way. You can contact our Technical Support Department at the installer by calling +34 957 50 92 93 or by writing to the address

Spare parts

INTARCON offers a wide range of original spare parts, of quality and with guarantee. In this way, we give added value to our products, managing them immediately.