Split systems

  • Wines

    Refrigeration units for cellars conditions
    Wine cellar refrigeration split systems with low-noise axial or centrifugal condensing unit and double-flow low-profile evaporating unit.

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  • Meat preservation and maturation units

    Refrigeration split units for very low air circulation
    Refrigeration splits units for medium temperature, with quasi-static evaporator for very low speed.

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  • High humidity

    Refrigeration split units with humidity control
    Split high temperature refrigeration units and pasive relative humidity control.


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  • High temperature

    Refrigeration split units
    Refrigeration split units for high temperature

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  • Sigilus

    Low noise split refrigeration units
    Split systems for small and medium size cold rooms at positive and negative temperature.


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  • intarsplit axial

    Refrigeration split units
    Refrigeration axial split units for cold rooms.

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