Other refrigeration technologies

INTARCON has a product adapted to the needs of the market and the capacity to offer other refrigeration technologies for the most reliable, efficient and sustainable operation.

INTARCON has the capacity for innovation, development and industrialisation of refrigeration solutions that satisfy any market need.

Innovation and product development.

Innovation and product development are part of our corporate DNA and involve all departments of the company. From sales technicians to the design and production team.  All are motivated by imaginative engineering to offer higher value-added products and solutions and to adapt quickly to market trends.

INTARCON’s latest developments in this regard focus on other refrigeration solutions developed to prevent COVID.


intarSANIT equipment is designed for the sterilisation and purification of air in food handling rooms, industrial kitchens, clean rooms and other establishments. This system helps to combat the transmission of viruses and bacterias through filtration and sterilisation of air and the supply of fresh air. It also ensures the minimum ventilation flow with fresh air that has been filtered and dehumidified previously, while extracting stale air.


The innovative CRYOblock system enables rapid deployment of a logistical infrastructure for vaccine storage at -80°C. Whether as newly installed cold rooms that can be installed quickly, or by adapting existing installations for storage at -20ºC. The CRYOblock system consists of a set of mini deep-freezing chambers at -80 ºC installed inside a cold room at -20 ºC. Each mini deep-freezing chamber can store one pharmaceutical pallet, and is equipped with an autonomous CRYOblock equipment installed on the door. The user always operates safely from the pre-chamber at -20°C in order to put the product in or take it out of the deep-freezing chamber, without the need to enter the chamber at -80°C.

At INTARCON we have a wide range of products adapted to NH3 refrigeration solutions. In addition, a technical advice service based on finding alternative solutions to your needs, as well as our refrigeration calculator.