Our online refrigeration calculator is the perfect tool developed by INTARCON, to help you with the calculation and selection of refrigeration units adapted to your needs.

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The cooling calculator includes an advanced calculation method for refrigeration systems, based on calculation rules suggested by ASHRAE, refrigerant properties by REFPROP from the NIST and updated thermodynamic correlations for the calculation of heat transfer coefficient.

The cooling calculator meets ecodesign requirements for condensing units by providing the necessary parameters for ecodesign evaluation, such as COP performance coefficient and SEPR seasonal energy performance ratio according to EN13215 standard.

This software has following advanced features:

  • Real time calculation.
  • Quick result with many default parameters.
  • Analysis of results and design recommendations.
  • Available in several languages.
  • Responsive them por PC, tablet and mobile screens.
  • Print view.
  • Quick switch of measure units.
  • Technical, imperial or metric measure systems.
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