INTARCON strengthens leadership with strategic changes in its management team

INTARCON refuerza su equipo directivo

INTARCON strengthens leadership with strategic changes in its management team

INTARCON, leader in the industrial refrigeration sector, announces important changes to its management team, driven by the company’s commitment to innovation, growth, customer service and excellence.


Pedro Galisteo began to manage of INTARCON

Pedro Galisteo, who has demonstrated great management and leadership skills as well as extensive experience in the sector, has taken over as General Manager of INTARCON. Galisteo, who until now headed the company’s Transformation and Development Area, will be responsible for continuing the growth and consolidation of INTARCON as a national leader and world reference in the manufacturing of refrigeration equipment.


José María Raya takes over as CEO of INTARCON

José María Raya, who until now held the position of General Manager of INTARCON, has been appointed as the new CEO of INTARCON. Raya brings to his new position a solid track record in the sector, inspirational leadership and a great ability to drive innovation and growth.


Aurelio Garcia focuses on the Presidency

Aurelio Garcia, who has successfully held the position of President and CEO of INTARCON since its foundation, has decided to step forward to focus on his role as President. His extensive experience and strategic vision will continue to be fundamental to the future of the company.




Exponential and consolidated growth of INTARCON

Since its foundation in 2007, INTARCON has grown year after year to become the leading Spanish manufacturer of refrigeration equipment. This success is due to the combination of several factors, including: innovative product development, commercial expansion and customer loyalty.

No less important are the people who are part of this growth and who are the main driving force behind its success. The experience, talent and dedication of its professionals are the fundamental pillars on which the company’s growth and innovation are based.

This change in the top management responds to INTARCON’s strategy of promoting innovation and growth of the company, taking advantage of the experience and talent of its leaders.

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