Committed to training

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Committed to training

Since its beginnings, INTARCON has been committed to the training of young people who will be the professionals of the future. Proof of this is the constant support and participation in training activities and programmes, as well as the collaboration with the FP Dual. In the last year, INTARCON has incorporated more than 20 people from vocational training cycles into its workforce for jobs as diverse as web programming, welding, electricity or thermal installations for the technical assistance service.

Training programmes in which INTARCON has taken part

  • Bertelsmann Foundation’s Dual VET Alliance Project. The Foundation aims to improve the training and employability of our young people.
  • Sponsorship of the SpainSkill competition held at IFEMA (Madrid). INTARCON has donated 15 condensing units for the competition in the refrigeration installations category. The aim of the activity is to carry out an installation with the different components that make up the refrigeration system, in this way, the participants can demonstrate their skills in pipe welding and handling of refrigerants that do not cause damage to the environment.
  • Professional Orientation Days organised by Siena Educación, in collaboration with AEFYT. Juan Manuel Cañadas, a technical-commercial engineer from INTARCON was able to share his experience with young secondary school students who are deciding on their academic and/or professional future. The aim of this conference is to attract talent to the refrigeration sector.
  • Grenn Cooling Programme of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). INTARCON has delivered R290 monoblock units to the Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation in Costa Rica. This international initiative aims to combat climate change as well as to promote environmentally friendly technologies in the field of refrigeration.
  • Refrigeration workshop organised by AEFYT and taking place within the framework of the C&R exhibition. These are training sessions in conjunction with the Training Centre for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technologies in Moratalaz, Madrid. In this training, different practices are carried out on the latest developments in refrigeration systems, including installations with glycol, CO2 or monitoring with information technologies, whose equipment is loaned to transmit knowledge to future refrigeration technicians.
  • University Expert Course in Refrigeration Systems at the University of Cordoba. The Higher Polytechnic School in collaboration with companies in the industrial and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration sector, KEYTER INTARCON and the companies associated with AFAR (Andalusian Refrigeration Manufacturers Association) are organising the third edition of this course with the following: Thermodynamic fundamentals of compression refrigeration systems; refrigerants, oils and secondary fluids; refrigeration technology; selection of refrigeration system components; control systems applied to refrigeration; as well as regulations on refrigeration systems.

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