Cold rooms with INTARCON units

Calculadora frigorífica online

Experts in cold rooms

In INTARCON we are experts in the calculation, design and manufacture of unit for cold rooms.

Case by case we accompany our clients in the calculation of needs and in the selection of the solution and the most suitable equipment for their cold rooms.

As a first approximation, we recommend using our refrigerating calculator online for the calculation of cold rooms and equipment selection, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Units of high reliability and efficiency

We are aware that operational reliability is the most critical aspect in the choice of units that will service refrigerated cold rooms. That is why we manufacture our units under high quality standards with first level components.

The energy efficiency of the installation is one of our main concerns along with environmental sustainability. We propose to our clients cutting-edge solutions that anticipate the environmental regulations and that far exceed the requirements of ecodesign.

Custom solutions

From small mini-cameras to large cold rooms and refrigerated warehouses of thousands of cubic meters …

from high temperature applications to + 15ºC, as workrooms and workrooms, to very low temperature applications such as deep-freezing tunnels at -40ºC.
from simple compact units with natural refrigerants to large centralized systems with CO2 in cascade, or indirect systems with glycol,

from indoor installations to outdoor camping facilities under extreme environmental conditions,

… at INTARCON we have the refrigeration units that best adapts to your needs.

A large distribution network

Our teams accompany leading European manufacturers of modular cold rooms.

They are distributed in Spain and the rest of Europe by the main wholesalers of refrigeration supplies and we have a large network of reliable installers who work assiduously with INTARCON.