Dry cooler

Condensation by a water circuit

Commercial refrigeration system.


Dry cooler with built-in hydraulic group, in a low-noise construction, designed for heat dissipation of the refrigeration equipment condensation waterloop.

  • Low sound level with double acoustic insulation.
  • Tropicalised design for ambient temperature up to 45 ºC as standard.
  • 230 V-I-50 Hz power supply. Available in 60 Hz. Other voltages by request.
  • Axial EC motor fans (except CWF-0 and CWF-1).
  • High efficiency water coils with copper pipes and aluminium fins.
  • Hydraulic group with variable flow electronic pump, expansion valve, security valve, filter, thermo-manometres and auto-fill valve included.
  • Threaded hydraulic connections.
  • Electric power panel with protection of hydraulic pump, fan motor and speed regulator (except CWF-0 and CWF-1).


  • Water coil anti-corrosion polyurethane coating.
  • Coil protection grille:
    • Series 0 up to 4.
    • Series 6 and 8.