Large capacity refrigeration plants

Large capacity and compact industrial plants, with semi-hermetic compressors, V-shape condensing coils and in-built control board.


IntarWatt series are air condensed refrigeration plants, large capacity, designed for industrial applications. They are characterized by a really compact construction, ready for outdoors operations, featuring semi-hermetic compressors rack, V-shape condensing coils, and control board.

The plant configuration it is so versatile, allowing several circuits combination, double aspiration (high and low pressure), and ready for new low greenhouse refrigerants.

IntarWatt refrigeration plants advantages
  • Large cooling capacity: 50 to 500 kW.
  • Minimum space needs, outdoor operation.
  • Great configurations flexibility.
  • Multi-refrigerant.


Cooling circuit with compressors rack and common condensation. Oil separator per compressor, common oil accumulator and oil level control and oil electronic injector per compressor

Multi-aspiration plant configuration:

Cooling circuit with compressors rack with multiple suction and common liquid line, possibility of liquid subcooler addition for subcooler liquid line.

Multi-circuit configuration:

Multiple cooling circuit, each one composed by one or two compressors and an air-condensing module in V-shape with two motor-fans. Each circuit featuring oil separator, and balancing lines. Possibility of including liquid subcooler at different pressure circuits.

Double stage configuration:

Double stage compression cooling circuit for low temperature, with oil separators at high pressure, common oil accumulator and oil level control and oil electronic injector per compressor.

  • Semi-hermetic Copeland Stream compressor rack, mounted on shock absorbers and noise insulated, with power modulation, rotalock service valves, crankcase heater and Coresense electronic module for diagnosis and protection.
  • High efficiency condensing coils in V-shape and parallel assembly, in copper pipes and aluminium fins, with Ø800mm double speed axial motorfans.
  • Refrigeration circuit  built in copper piping with high and low pressure switches, service valves, safety valves, liquid receiver, filter and sight glass.
  • Oil separators and balanced lines in multi-circuit configuration, oil accumulator with individual oil electronic injection per compressor in compressor plants.
  • Full control and power panel, with differential switch, thermal and MCB switches, for each compressor and for each motor-fan.
  • Electronic regulation with high and low pressure transducers, suction temperature, compressors discharge, liquid line, and ambient temperature probes; suction pressure control and condensing pressure control with floating setpoint; management and alarm log; remote digital display; and Coresense protection integration.
  • Emergency manual operation by pressure switches for  compressors and motor-fans managing, with automatic activation in case of transducers failure or electronic control power failure.
  • R-134a, R-507, R-407A, R-407F o R-449A refrigerants.
  • 400V-III-50Hz, or 460V-III-60Hz power supply. Available in 60 Hz. Other voltages by request.
  • Compressors digital cooling power control.
  • Microchannel condensing coils technology.
  • Variable speed electronic motor-fans EC.
  • Compressors noise insulation.
  • Hot gas defrosting.

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