R290 intarWatt

R290 chillers

Chillers in compact construction and outdoor installation of glycol, water or brine and a low R290 charge.


Water, glycol or brine chiller for outdoor industrial refrigeration applications. Also, the R290 intarWatt chiller is characterised by:

  • Built-in hydraulic unit (optional).
  • Low refrigerant charge R-290.
  • No need for machine room.
  • Plug & Play system.
  • Optimised compact system, with minimum maintenance.

Components intarWatt chiller R290 - INTARCON


  • 400V 3N 50Hz power supply. Available in 60 Hz. Others voltages by request.
  • Reduce refrigerant charge of R-290.
  • Manufactured with galvanised steel casing and polyester paint.
  • Semihermetic compressor tandem for R-290 with capacity control and unloaded start, crankcase heater.
  • Oil separator and oil balancing line.
  • Micro-tube V condensing coil with aluminium fins and 7 mm copper pipes.
  • Two electronic fans per V with variable speed.
  • Plate heat exchanger with electronic expansion valve per circuit.
  • Heat exchanger for liquid subcooling and suction superheating.
  • Cooling circuit made of annealed copper or steel tube with soldered connections, filter drier, ATEX high and low pressure switches, pressure transducers and temperature probes.
  • Hydraulic circuit made of copper pipe with threaded or flanged connections, fill/drain valve, air vent, flow switch, thermometers and inlet/outlet pressure gauges.
  • External IP55 electrical panel with extraction fan. Individual protection of compressors and fans.
  • Progamable Emerson control, with variable refrigeration control (digital compressor only), condensing pressure control with floating set point, and variable glycol flow
  • Hydraulic group.
  • Variable flow pump to control glycol flow.
  • Anti-corrosion treatment based on polyurethane coating for the condensing coil.
  • Electronic control and spare driver.
  • Silentblocks for equipment installation.
  • Heat recovery (20 or 80 % condenser heat) for hot water generation.
  • Independent compressor compartment with leak detector and ATEX extraction fans.

IntarWatt R290 - INTARCON