• Chillers

    Glycol chillers

    Glycol chillers condensed by air for refrigeration applications at positive and negative temperature

  • intarWatt

    Air-cooled glycol chillers

    Air cooler glycol water chiller for large capacity industrial applications

  • intarPACK

    Air-cooled glycol chillers

    Air-cooled glycol or brine chillers with low-noise operation and compact self supported casing

  • intarCUBE chiller

    R-290 Glycol process chillers

    Compact construction, with a small footprint, air condensation and an integrated hydraulic unit.

  • intarWatt chiller

    R-290 Glycol process chillers

    The MWW range counts with four modular sizes hosting a tandem or a single semihermetic compressor per module, air cooler with V coils, plate heat exchanger.

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