R290 Sigilus

R290 chiller

Chiller in silent air-condensed construction with glycol, water or brine and a low charge of R290.


Our R290 Sigilus is the range of chiller in silent air-condensed construction for commercial refrigeration applications, using a low propane charge as the primary refrigerant contained in the chiller, and water, glycol or brine as the secondary refrigerant for cold transport. These chiller plants are characterised by:

  • A tropicalised design for ambient temperatures of 45°C.
  • 100% factory tested equipment.
  • Acoustically insulated scroll compressor.
  • Built-in hydraulic unit.


sigilus r290 component scheme

  • 400 V-III-50 Hz power supply. Available in 60 Hz. Others voltages by request.
  • R-290 refrigerant.
  • Hermetic scroll compressor mounted on dampers and acoustically insulated, with internal clixon and crankcase heater.
  • Large surface condensing coil, made of copper tubes and aluminium fins, with tropicalised sizing for ambient temperature of 50 ºC.
  • Motor fan with proportional condensing pressure control by means of speed variation.
  • Refrigeration circuit made of annealed copper tube equipped with ATEX high and low pressure switches, safety valves and filter.
  • Hydraulic circuit with air vent, flow switch, fill/drain valve, thermometers and pressure gauges.
  • Built-in hydraulic module.
  • Electric power and control panel, with general differential protection, motor fan circuit breaker and compressor circuit breaker and thermistor.
  • Electronic control with digital control interface.
  • Acoustic and light alarm.
  • Leak detector in the compressor compartment.
  • Protective grille for external coil.
  • Polyurethane coating on the condensing coil.
  • Voltage and phase failure control.

Dimensions Sigilus R290Dimensions in mm.