Refrigeration units by Intarcon

Refrigeration units by Intarcon

Since its foundation in 2007, INTARCON has developed a complete range of cooling systems for the commercial and industrial refrigeration sectors. Nowadays INTARCON has a catalogue that includes a thousand of product references in order to meet our customer’s needs. INTARCON refrigeration units cover a wide capacity range up to 500kW, and temperatures from +18ºC down to -40ºC.

Gama de producto para la elección de equipos de refrigeración

Cooling units for commercial refrigeration

Cooling units designed for small cold rooms at positive or negative temperature, process rooms, blast freezing tunnels, and especial applications as wine caves, drying and maturing rooms, etc.

Equipos para cámaras frigoríficas INTARCON

Refrigeration units for industrial applications

Refrigeration units for large cold rooms and refrigerated storage, large process rooms, loading docks for refrigerated goods, and other refrigeration processes in industry.


Evaporating units

Dry expansion evaporating units for cold rooms, process rooms, blast chillers and other industrial processes.

Evaporating units INTARCON

Refrigeration plants

Air-cooled refrigeration plants for centralised DX systems, in both versions: with axial condenser for outdoors installation, or centrifugal condenser for indoors installation in a technical room.

Glycol chillers

Centralised indirect refrigeration systems composed by glycol water chillers with air-cooled condenser, and air-coolers with glycol water for cold rooms and process rooms.

Planta enfriadora de glicol intarWatt INTARCON


Textile ducts and difusors

Textile ducts for air transport and textile difusers for distribution of air in cold rooms, maturing rooms and process rooms, and industrial air conditioning.

Textile diffusers INTARCON

Technical Advice INTARCON

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