Meat preservation and maturation units

Meat preservation and maturation units

Refrigeration split units for very low air circulation

Refrigeration splits units for medium temperature, with quasi-static evaporator for very low speed.


INTARCON quasi-static series are Split refrigeration units specially designed for positive temperature applications needing minimum air flow inside the cold room, like meat storage.

These systems consist of a quasi-static evaporating unit comprising a minimum fan speed to simulate naturally convected aire of static evaporators. Thus, INTARCON guarantees a constant degree of constant humidity inside the cold room an therefor inside the product.

These units integrate an advanced electrical board to control temperature with a remote control keyboard, comprising fast cooling and night mode  to improve energetic efficiency.

Quasistatic units are available in two configurations:

  • MSF-U series: low-noise condensing unit designed for outdoors installation (with triple acoustic isolation suitable to work under extreme ambient temperature up to 50ºC) and a quasistatic low-profile evaporating unit, from 1,1 to 7,5 kW.
  • MSH-CU series: centrifugal  condensing unit (for indoors installation, and for ducting outdoors the hot condensation air flow) and a quasistatic low-profile evaporating unit, from 1,0 to 6,7 kW.
Sigilus installation scheme installation Sigilus
  • 230 V-I-50 Hz or 400 V-III-50 Hz power supply.
  • R-134a / R-449A minimal refrigerant load.
  • Hermetic reciprocating compressor.
  • Quasi-static evaporating unit with double airflow and axial motor fans at very low speed.
  • High and low pressure switches.
  • Built-in solenoid valve.
  • Built-in thermostatic expansion valve.
  • Electrical heater defrost.
  • Stainless steel drain pan.
  • Flare-type connections (up to 1/2”-3/4”) and service valves.
  • MCB protection.
  • Liquid receiver.
  • Refrigerant preload for 10 m piping.
  • Multifunction electronic control with remote keyboard and digital regulation of condensing pressure.
  • Change to 400 V-III-50 Hz power supply.
  • Proportional control of condensing pressure through fan speed variation (already included in series 2/23 and above).
  • Coil protection grille.
  • Built-in oil separator.
  • Condenser coil polyurethane anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Control for maturation of meat with humidification and dehumidification functions. By request
    • Touch screen display. By request

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