100.000 CO2 tonnes per year

100.000 toneladas de CO2 por año

100.000 CO2 tonnes per year

Our main approach is to reduce the use of greenhouse gas effects. On the one hand, INTARCON works intensively to optimise the refrigerant load in our cooling designs, which allows reducing the use of gases by less than a tenth. In fact, alongside the 3,5-4 kg of HFC by every kW used in an usual central cooling system, INTARCON designs feature a reduced refrigerant load, up to 0,3 kg/kW

This way, INTARCON avoids year after year the greenhouse gas emissions that represents about 100.000 CO2 tonnes, which is a very little but significant share of total greenhouse gas emissions in Spain, according to National Greenhouse Gas Inventory , say 8, 5 million tonnes of CO2, 6 million of which corresponds to cooling industry.

New alternatives with glycol or CO2

On the other hand we research the substitution of fluorinated gases with a high global warming potential (GWP), by refrigerant gases featuring low or zero environmental impact, like hydrocarbons. The first products with propane gas will be introduced at next Chillventa International Exhibition.

Alongside direct expansion cooling system, with a considerable refrigerant load, INTARCON commits to new indirect cooling system which uses secondary harmless refrigerants like glycol or carbon dioxide.

Intarcon approaches as well the energy efficiency, complying by far all applicable regulations of cooling units. Accordingly, we have developed efficiency energy systems, like VRC (Variable Refrigerant Capacity for refrigerating compressors) or a condensing heat recovery system in our 3pack units.

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