New range of NH3 chillers

New range of NH3 chillers

Ammolite, INTARCON’s new range of NH3 chiller plants, is based on highly efficient ammonia refrigeration technology.

This new development reflects INTARCON’s ongoing commitment to offer the most reliable, efficient and sustainable solution for refrigeration installations, relying on natural gases.

The new range of ammonia (NH3) chiller plants – ammolite – offers the market an environmentally friendly solution for commercial and industrial refrigeration, in capacities from 110 to 685 kW for medium temperature applications and from 55 to 350 kW for low temperature applications.

Ammolite is possibly the best solution on the market in terms of its benefits:

  • Intelligent investment, ammolite achieves a high return on investment of the cooling installation.
  • Environmental sustainability, it is the most sustainable solution from an environmental and regulatory point of view, thanks to its low refrigerant charge and zero water consumption.
  • Reliability and safety: ammolite offers reliable operation without risk to health or continuity of service, does not require a machine room and is a Plug & Play system.

The ammolite range combines the latest ammonia technology to reduce the refrigerant charge in the system. Thus, it is a system without a refrigerant reservoir with low charge components, such as dry expansion evaporators or microchannel condensers, reducing the specific charge to 65 g per kW refrigeration. They are equipped with semi-hermetic permanent magnet screw compressors, and feature the innovative kiconex monitoring and control system with cloud connection, developed by KEYTER-INTARCON.

New range of NH3 Chillers - Ammolite

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