Cubic type air coolers operating with glycol water for refrigeration at positive or negative temperature.


Commercial cubic type air-cooled chillers, with glycol, equipped with control valves and optional pre-wired electronic control, built in galvanised steel structure and aluminium body with polyester paint. These equipments are characterised by:

  • Glycol water.
  • High efficiency coil.
  • Integrated solenoid valve.


  • 230V 50Hz power supply. Available in 60 Hz. Other voltages on request.
  • High efficiency air cooling coil, made of copper tubes and aluminium fins, with 6 mm fin pitch.
  • Air defrosting.
  • Axial motor fans.
  • Optimised hydraulic circuit for glycol water.
  • Threaded hydraulic connections.
  • Solenoid control valve integrated in the unit.
  •  Electric defrosting by heating elements in coil and condensate tray.
  • Electronic control unit with fan control relays and solenoid coil, and chamber and defrosting temperature probes.
  • Humidification / dehumidification / heating kit.
  • Anti-corrosion coil coating.

Cubic type - INTARCON