Human resources

Work-life balance and job conciliation

INTARCON commits to achieve a good work climate and labour stability, standing out the flexitime system on demand aiming to increase stability measures, as well as to adopt flexible labour policies for work-life balance.


Since the high quality of our employees is our main value, we offer them career development opportunities through on-going training and promotion, setting aside part of the annual budget for these policies.

Social pact

Our model of work team management is based upon respect and compliance with universal standards of social and labour rights.

INTARCON is firmly committed to dialogue and collective bargaining, developing an own labour model on universal rights basis as well as business efficiency and sustainability.


INTARCON promotes equal and non-discrimination policies both for women and men, as well career guidance and other ways for work-life balance.

Safety and health

We are committed to provide a safe and healthy work place and make all necessary effort to meet above statements.