INDIRA project

Desarrollo Regional FEDER

INDIRA project

Research and development of innovative product in industrial refrigeration based on R-717"(INDIRA)

The public entity CDTi (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, promotes research and technological business development R+D. The CDTi shows its support by once again granting our organisation a subsidy to carry out the project: “Research and development of an innovative product in industrial refrigeration based on R-717” (INDIRA).

This project focuses on the development of refrigeration equipment technology using ammonia as a refrigerant. The environmental needs to reduce the climate impact of refrigeration systems, through the use of less polluting refrigerants, as well as the use of more efficient installations, is driving the development of medium and low power applications with refrigerants such as ammonia (R717), which have traditionally only been used in large and complex industrial installations. However, the possibility of simplifying these systems to adapt them to the needs of the medium power market in semi-industrial installations opens the door to numerous possibilities for reducing the environmental impact of refrigeration systems.