DESEHVAC project

Design and Development of Air Conditioning for ventilation air treatment with temperature and humidity control using nanometric pulverisation of drying liquids.

DESEHVAC, is a project approved by the FEDER Innterconecta Call for submission in 2015, in cooperation with businesses and collaborative work.

The project is led by INTARCON S.L., with the participation of ANDALUZA DE FILTROS S.L., KEYTER TECHNOLOGIES S.L., INGHO, FM and YFLOW, with the objective of designing, developing and testing indirect air conditioning and refrigeration systems that use absorbent solutions as secondary refrigerants, solutions that have the ability to cool or dehumidify.

By pulverising the secondary refrigerant in the air flow temperature and humidity can be controlled. The cryoscopic effect of the absorbent solution additionally permits its use for industrial refrigeration applications at negative temperatures. The objective of the project is to provide more control over relative humidity in the environment, in addition to improving the energy efficiency of installations.

The developed technology would find diverse applications in air conditioning systems and industrial refrigeration:

  • Air conditioning of operating rooms, with central units that treat exterior air with temperature and humidity controls.
  • Positive and negative temperature cold rooms, with control of temperature and humidity.
  • Cold rooms for drying in cheese and cured meat plants.

An additional aspect of great importance is the contribution of this system to the reduction of the use of halogenated refrigerants with greenhouse effect. In effect, indirect refrigeration systems permit the confinement of greenhouse gas refrigerants to a compact circuit with a reduced load.