CO2 plant with double suction line

CO2 plant with the double suction line, air-cooled, to obtain a total cooling capacity of 50 to 300 kW (PT + NT).


ECO2Watt are great cooling capacity CO2 condensing units, single or double suction transcritical cycle with built-in gas cooler, or in cascade cycle, designed according to the needs of the installation for a total cooling capacity between 80 and 300 kW. These equipment are characterised by:

  • Large maintenance access.
  • No engine room.
  • Custom design.


  • Construction in galvanised sheet steel structure with epoxy paint.
  • Sets of CO2 compressors equipped with rotalock valves.
  • Inverter capacity control per compressor group.
  • Particulate separator and CO2 filter.
  • Oil separator and accumulator with oil filter and electronic compressor injection.
  • Medium pressure CO2 receiver (PS: 60 bar) with double safety valve.
  • Economiser – liquid CO2 subcooler.
  • Instrumentation panel with pressure gauges and load taps.
  • Integrated control and power panel with electronic control unit for compressor and
    electronic valve management.
  • Emergency unit for CO2 maintenance.

Transcritical ECO2Watt

  • Set of transcritical CO2 compressors and set of compressors in parallel. Inverter drive in one compressor of each set.
  • Double pressure control valve.
  • Pressure regulating valve with medium pressure relief.
  • Internal economiser exchanger.
  • Gas cooler with copper tube coils and aluminium fins in parallel.
  • PS: 120 bar. Variable speed EC axial motor fans.

Cascade ECO2Watt

  • Up to triple cascade plate heat exchanger with gravity circulation.
  • High temperature refrigerant R-290 or HFC.
  • Semihermetic high temperature compressors, with Inverter drive in one compressor.
  • High temperature circuit made of copper, with filter, sight glass and electronic expansion valves.
  • Copper tube and aluminium finned coil condenser in parallel V configuration.
  • Variable speed EC axial motor fans.