CO2 refrigeration system

Cooling capacity of 20 to 60 kW (NT + PT).


ECO2CUBE transcritical CO2 air-cooled plants with double suction, parallel compressor and refrigerated gas-cooler integrated for medium power commercial cooling applications from 20 to 60 kW.



  • Casing built with galvanized steel sheet with epoxy paint for outdoor use with electrical panel and Gas-Cooler.
  • Available in 50 and 60 Hz. Other voltages by request.
  • Dorin CO2 semi-hermetic compressor rack: 2 PT compressors, 1 parallel compressor and up to 2 NT compressors, with rotalock valves.
  • Inverter capacity control per group of compressors (optional in NT).
  • Variable speed axial or radial (optional) fans with EC motors.
  • High pressure sector (SP = 120 bar) made with copper microtubes and equipped with:
    – Separator – oil trap accumulator with filter and electronic oil injection on each compressor.
    – Condenser / gas-cooler, made with copper microtubes and aluminum fins.
    – Internal economizer to ensure sufficient superheat in the parallel compressor suction.
    – High pressure switch, double safety valve.
    – Double gas-cooler pressure control valve.
  • Intermediate pressure sector (SP = 52 bar) made of copper tubing and equipped with:
    – High pressure liquid CO2 container with double safety valve.
    – Pressure regulating valve (flash-gas) with medium pressure relief. To the positive tempreature suction line.
    – Sub cooler to ensure of the liquid line subcooling.
    – Liquid line with filter drier and sight glass.
  • Positive temperature suction line (SP = 45 bar), made of copper tubing and equipped with a double safety valve.
  • Negative temperature suction line (SP = 30 bar), made of copper tubing and equipped with a double safety valve.
  • Heat recovery for Sanitary hot water or heating.
  • Hot gas defrost.
  • Double electronic emergency control.
  • Filters on the negative and positive temperature suction lines.
  • Particle separator in negative and / or positive suction lines.
  • Emergency group.
  • Radial fans with EC motor for indoor setup.

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