Pump sets intarCUBE

Pump sets

intarCUBE optimised for water and glycol


Closed-circuit pump sets glycol, assembled in galvanised sheet steel bodywork and structure with polyester paint for outdoor installation. Our pump sets are characterised by:

  • Easily integrated modular construction.
  • Optimised water and glycol assemblies.
  • Reduced footprint.


  • A version.
    – GV-AH-1: Primary pump set.
    – GV-AH-2: Primary pump set unit with buffer tank.
  • B version.
    – GV-BH-2: Secondary circuit pump set.

Pump set intarCUBE scheme - INTARCON

  • 400V 3N 50Hz power supply. Available in 60Hz. Others voltages by request.
  • Glycol circulating pump with stainless steel impeller and optional back-up pump.
  • Buffer tank with high density polyurethane foam insulation and vapour barrier (AH-2 and B series).
  • Closed membrane expansion tank and safety valve calibrated to 4 bar.
  • Mesh filter.
  • Glycerine thermometers and pressure gauges.
  • Air vent.
  • Drain connection.
  • Threaded hydraulic connections.
  • Electrical control and power panel with magneto-thermal protection and independent differential for each pump, and electronic control unit for the management and rotation of secondary circuit pumps.
  • Back-up main pump.
  • Variable speed drive on main pump.
  • Auxiliary back-up pump.
  • Electronic control for heat recovery.