intarloop system

intarloop system

Condensation by a water circuit

Supermarket refrigeration system.


intarloop is a supermarket refrigeration system, consisting of: DX cooling units distributed, with indirect condensation by a water circuit; and one or more units in parallel air-cooler connected to the condensation heat disipation.


  • Ecology
    Distributed cooling production allows to reduce and fractionate the load of HFC refrigerant in the installation, so that the risk of leakage is reduced.


  • Safety
    Decentralization of the cooling production contributes a greater operation secutiry of the installation, that guarantees a high availability of the system when faced with the isolated failure of a single unit.
    The installation of a double air-cooler or dry-cooler in parallel, provides a greater operational security.
    The condensation water loop contains only closed-circuit water working at low hydraulic pressure. .


  • Simple intallations
    Intarloop system is very easy to install, thanks to its condensed water units pre-charged with refrigerant, and air-coolers or dry-coolers with inbuilt hydraulic unit/circuit.


  • Precision
    Distributed cooling production allows adaptation of working temperatures to the needs of each service, thus obtaining an adequate degree of humidity for the best preservation of each product, and optimizing the performance of the systems.


  • Energy saving
    Condensing units incorporate high-efficiency scroll compressors with R134a refrigerant for positive temperature, or R449A for negative temperature.
    Air-coolers or dry-coolers incorporate hydraulic group with electronic pump of variable flow, that adapts its functioning speed to the demand of the installation. Motor fans are equipped with speed regulators to reduce their consumption in low ambient temperatures or low load.


  • Versatility
    Intarloop system is applicable both in new installations and in existing centralized direct expansion facilities, where the update of refrigeration plant is desired. In fact, existing refrigerating displays are usable and easily converted to new refrigerants.


  • Flexibility
    Intarloop system easily adapts to changes in the demand of refrigeration services. Condensing water loop is normally on PVC or PPR piping allowing easy modification and expansion.


  • Tropicalisation
    Unlike other systems on the market, intarloop system is designed to work properly even at extreme ambient temperatures up to 45 °C, with condensing water temperatures up to 55 °C, and without the need to incorporate additional cooling equipment.


  • Heat recovery 
    By means of cycle inversion, condensing units work as a heat pump recovering the heat of the water loop to defrost the evaporating units, thus avoiding the electrical consumption of electric defrost heaters.
    Condensation heat of the water loop can also be easily recovered for winter climate control for the sales rooms, requiring only a minimal investment.

Water-cooled condensing units

Water-cooled condensing units for positive temperature refrigeation, with very compact size and quiet operation, designed for on-wall or floor installation.

  • 230 V-I-50 Hz or 400 V-III-50 Hz power supply.
  • Casing in prepainted galvanized steel sheet, with noise insulation, with removable front panel for access to the compressor and the electrical panel.
  • Acoustically insulated Scroll compressor, mounted on shock absorbers.
  • Rotary compressor (MDM-P / BDM-P).
  • Frigorific circuit with stainless steel brazed plates heat exchanger, ceramic dryer filter, sight glass, HP and LP and services valves.
  • Hydraulic condensation circuit made of copper pipe with threaded connections.
  • Electrical control panel with differential thermomagnetic protection.
  • Liquid injection system for negative temperature models with R-449A.

Drycooler with built-in hydraulic group

Drycoolers with inbuilt hydraulic group, in a low-noise construction, designed for heat dissipation from the refrigeration equipment in the condensation water loop.

  • Low speed axial fans, with dinamically balanced blades, supported by air nozzle and external protection grilles.
  • High efficiency water coils with copper pipes and aluminum fins.
  • Hydraulic group with variable flow electronic pump, expansion valve, security valve, filter, thermomanometres and auto-fill valve included.
  • Threaded hydraulic connections.
  • Electric power panel with protection of hydraulic pump, fan motor and speed regulator.

Water-cooled condensing units

  • Change to 230 V-I-50 Hz power supply.
  • Electronic control for evaporator and compressor with temperature probes and control suitable for local or remote control.
  • Refrigerant preload for 5 m piping.
  • Liquid solenoid valve.
  • Water solenoid valve.
  • Manual flow rate regulation valve.
  • Hot gas defrost.

Drycooler with built-in hydraulic group

  • Condenser coil polyurethane anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Coil protection grille.