Industrial cubic NH3

Evaporating unit

With direct ammonia expansion, for large cold rooms.


Industrial cubic evaporators NH3 for large cold rooms with direct expansion of ammonia, built in galvanised sheet steel bodywork with polyester coating. These units are characterised by:

  • Low ammonia charge.
  • Large surface area coils.
  • Easy installation.

Ammonia dry expansion
Evaporators designed to work with ammonia in direct expansion, with refrigerant distribution capillaries and suction manifold.
The special tube geometry of the industrial evaporators reduces frost formation and allows spacing of defrost cycles. The counter-current circuit design facilitates gas reheating. Thanks to the ammonia-miscible oil, oil return to the compressor occurs naturally during operation.

  • 400 V-III-50 Hz power supply. Available in 60 Hz. Others voltages by request.
  • Coil of 5/8″ stainless steel tubes and aluminium fins, in large exchange surface geometry, with 7 and 10 mm fin spacing.
  • Coolant distributor and suction manifold, optimised for direct expansion of ammonia.
  • Axial motor fans Ø 630 and Ø 800 mm long range.
  • Defrosting by imbricated heating elements.
  • Hot glycol defrosting.
  • Anti-corrosion coating of coil.

Dimensions industrial cubic air coolers