Door monoblock for vaccine preservation at -80 °C.


The CRYOblock system developed by INTARCON is an extremely low temperature storage system, specifically designed to provide a solution for the preservation of vaccines in logistics hubs.

The CRYOblock system is therefore a refrigeration system for conservation at -80 ºC characterized by:

  • Quick installation in new installation or adaptation of an existing cold room.
  • High reliability and operational safety.
  • Modular and expandable system.
CRYOblock System

The innovative CRYOblock system allows a rapid deployment of a logistics infrastructure for vaccine preservation at -80 ºC, either as cold rooms of new installation and rapid execution, or by reacquisting existing conservation facilities at -20 ºC.

The CRYOblock system consists of a set of ultra-freezing cabinets at -80 Cº within a cold room at -20 Cº. Each ultra-freezing cabinet can accommodate a pharmaceutical pallet, and is equipped with a plug & play CRYOblock refrigeration unit installed over the door. The operator always works safely from the pre-room at -20 ºC to insert or remove the product into the ultrafreezing cabinet.

CRYOblock Cabinets

CRYOblock unit allows to maintain an extremely low temperature of down to -80 ºC inside the ultrafreezing cabinet, evacuating the condensation heat into the room at -20 ºC, which in turn is used as a pre-room to minimize cold losses and to avoid humid air infiltrations into the cabinet. The -20 ºC room is equipped with conventional cooling equipment.

The CRYOblock system is therefore a compact refrigeration system, which does not require a cooling connection on site, and that can be installed easily and quickly taking advantage of existing infrastructures.


  • 230 V-I-50 Hz power supply. Available in 60 Hz. Other voltages by request.
  • Cooling equipment in accordance with UNE-EN 378.
  • Hermetically sealed compact refrigeration system, built in copper tube, preloaded with R-170 refrigerant, with expansion vessel, internal heat exchanger, dehydrating filter, and pressure switch.
  • Reciprocating hermetic compressor with thermal protection and oil separator.
  • Condenser in copper tube and aluminum fins with EC fan.
  • Evaporator in copper tube and aluminum fins with EC fan and expansion by electronic valve.
  • Integrated electrical panel with electronic control unit, at controlled temperature.
  • Manually operated electric defrosting system.
  • Door heater power cable.
  • Door switch.