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We implement a cost-effective and efficient system for the refrigeration
of vacuum-sealed food

We installed two chillers in the freezer rooms.

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Lengthening the shelf life of foodstuffs is a daily concern for many, due to the fast pace at which society moves today. These products are prepared with long sous vide cooking processes. Thanks to the absence of air, vacuum-sealed food is preserved better, maintaining the nutritional properties. Vacuum-sealed food is classified as pre-packaged and prepared food. 

What’s in this success story?

  • The challenges of food preservation.
  • New installation, new challenges.
  • Definition of the solution to be installed.
  • Analyse all of the advantages and disadvantages of this solution.
  • Installation requirements.


Food industry.

Refrigeración respetuosa y sostenible de INTARCON


Find an economical solution, which preserves the high-end kitchen in an efficient way.

Refrigeración eficiente INTARCON


Installing two sets of equipment for frozen food preservation chambers condensed by the same water as the chiller.