We install refrigeration system efficient
and cost-effective solution

The Panamar bakery chose a direct expansion refrigeration system to ensure the quality of their products.

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Panamar is a frozen dough manufacturer and distributor, whose objective was to find an efficient and economical solution for a new warehouse. They required a 5600 m3 freezing chamber at -22ºC, a 750 m3 loading dock at 10ºC and a 75 m3 pre-chamber at 4ºC.

Another challenge they had was to adapt to the F-Gas regulation.

What´s in this success story?

  • Engineering challenges and needs at Panamar.
  • Calculation of the refrigeration needs.
  • Solutions proposed: two options and a choice.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solution.
  • Success factors of the installation.


Food industry, specifically, manufacturer and distributor of frozen dough.

Refrigeración respetuosa y sostenible de INTARCON


Finding a cost-effective and efficient solution that complies with the F-Gas regulation.

Refrigeración eficiente INTARCON


There are two solutions depending on the calculated cooling needs, a solution with GWP<150 and natural refrigerants or several plants with a low charge of low GWP R-449A refrigerant.