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Installation of a chiller with
eco-friendly refrigerant gas

The installation of a chiller with eco-friendly refrigerant achieves greater energy efficiency at NEVAMAR

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NEVAMAR CONGELADOS, is a company that has been dedicated to the distribution and processing of frozen fish since 2010. Its main objective was to incorporate refrigeration units that would maintain the cold room with a low load of natural refrigerants and/or very low GWP and at the same time be economical.

What does this success story include?

  • The company NEVAMAR.
  • The challenge of fluorinated gases.
  • Solution.
  • Results of the installation for NEVAMAR
  • Ensuring the cold chain, the success of NEVAMAR


Food industry

Refrigeración respetuosa y sostenible de INTARCON


Find a economical solution, compliant with F-Gas regulations and efficient.

Refrigeración eficiente INTARCON


Use eco-friendly and natural substitute gases in the chiller.