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Whatever your query, our sales representative will advise you on all matters, from compliance with the Fluorinated Gas Law to modifying the parameters of refrigeration units.

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To develop and offer innovative solutions for a more reliable, efficient and sustainable operation of cooling facilities. For this reason, the INTARCON team has developed articles that we believe will be useful for you.

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Refrigeration system INTARCON

Refrigeration systems

What is a refrigeration system? A refrigeration system is a mechanical process or arrangement that is responsible for lowering the temperature... read more

La importancia de la congelación de alimentos - INTARCON

The importance of freezing food

Today, the method of freezing food to preserve it in the best possible conditions is one of the most extended... read more

Tipos de cámaras frigoríficas

Types of cold rooms

Cold rooms are spaces where, thanks to a refrigeration system that establishes certain climatic conditions, the conservation or manufacturing process... read more

What is monoblock refrigeration unit - INTARCON

What are monoblocks refrigeration units?

Monoblock refrigeration units are equipments where the condensing unit and the evaporating unit are in the same construction. The refrigeration cycle... read more

Quel compresseur pour chambre froide unit - INTARCON

What is the right equipment for a cold room?

It is very important not to make a mistake in the choice of refrigeration equipment for a cold room, as... read more

Header post comprometidos con la formación INTARCON

Committed to training

Since its beginnings, INTARCON has been committed to the training of young people who will be the professionals of the... read more