• The distribution of the refrigeration production reduces the charge of the main refrigerant and therefore the risk of leakage.
  • The refrigeration production is decentralised, so that the condensing loop contains only water in a closed circuit with low hydraulic pressure.
  • Simple installation
  • Adaptation to the performance and needs of each system.
  • Energy saving. The units integrate a system that adapts to the demand of the installation, and therefore energy savings.
  • The waterloop system is applicable to new and existing centralised direct expansion installations.
  • The system is easily adaptable to changes in service provision.
  • Unlike others, waterloop is designed to work in climates with high temperatures, without the need for additional refrigeration systems.

The system is designed for application in:

  • Application in self-service and food shops.
  • Application in industrial kitchens.

As a result, waterloop refrigeration technology allows for a multitude of configurations, in order to adapt to the most demanding needs.

Finally, at INTARCON we have a technical advice service, with the objective of adapting to your needs. Do you want to know more about the waterloop system?