• Natural and environmentally friendly refrigeration. It is a natural refrigerant with a low global warming potential (GWP = 3).
  • Conforms to EN378 and F gas.
  • Thanks to the thermodynamic properties of R290, its efficiency is high. In addition, their smaller displacement compressors further increase efficiency in industrial equipment.

R290 refrigeration technology have the next advantages:

  • Energy efficiency. Thanks to the thermodynamic properties and high performance, your electricity consumption will be lower and therefore, there will be a reduction in electricity costs.
  • Climate adaptability. R290 gas has been shown to be better adapted to hot climates than HFCs.
  • Their lower displacement compressors increase efficiency in industrial equipment, but their performance in commercial equipment is also high.
  • Wide range of applications. R290 refrigerant is totally valid in systems and equipment of both, commercial and industrial character.
  • Good compatibility with other components.
  • Reduced charge of R290 refrigerant, which produces the same performance as other refrigerants at only 40%.
  • Long-term environmentally friendly alternative. Although there is a valid regulation, it is a natural gas, which has been well received in the refrigerant market.

INTARCON has a wide range of products adapted to R290 refrigeration technology, which incorporate kiconex system. In addition, we have a technical advice service to find alternative solutions to your needs.