INTARCON’s NH3 refrigeration technologies have the next benefits:

  • Efficiency and higher performance than other HFC gases such as R134a, R290 or even CO2.
  • Reliability and safety due to current regulations, This regulates the safe application in its installations and its characteristic smell, easy to identify in case of leakage.
  • Environmental sustainability. NH3 is a natural refrigerant with zero GWP and ODP.
  • Smart investment, due to its fast return on investment at maximum yield.
  • Energy efficiency. Thanks to its excellent thermodynamic properties, electricity consumption is reduced and a quick return on investment is achieved.
  • Low maintenance. It is an optimised and compact system thanks to the functionality of its refrigeration system.
  • Low cost, due to the abundance of this natural refrigerant.
  • Low natural refrigerant charge. Thanks to the critical charge design without receiver, it also incorporates energy-saving components. 
  • No need for a machine room. System with incorporated air condenser, designed for outdoor installation.
  • No water consumption. Thanks to air condensation for temperatures up to 47ºC, the system is therefore free from the risk of legionellosis.
  • Lower fabrication cost. Its refrigeration system uses smaller diameter steel pipes, which saves money.

At INTARCON we have a wide range of products adapted to NH3 refrigeration technologies solutions, incorporating the most innovative technologies in the sector, thanks to the kiconex system. In addition, a technical advice service based on finding alternative solutions to your needs.