Efimarket cooling plant

Efimarket is a centrlised cooling production system specially designed for air-conditioning and cooling of middle size supermarkets. It consists of an indirect distribution system of positive temperature, by using glycol water as a secondary refrigerant, and a two-pipe water circuit for air conditioning.

This system allows meeting the cooling demand of a supermarket in terms of refrigeration, air-conditioning or heating by reclaiming the condensation heat from positive temperature compressors and by optimizing the refrigeration cycle eficency with the help of an economiser.

This system reduces to zero de risk of HFC refrigerant leakage, by using propilenglicol as secondary refrigerant in a depressurized hydraulic circuit, while cooling production is performed in a HFC-134a circuit with a minimum refrigerant load confined in a hermetic circuit upon a leakage pre-test in factory.

Efimarket system

INTARCON has developed the efimarket central in the frame of efficiency supermarket projet, organized by a consortium of fabricants belonging to The Association of Andalusian Refrigeration Manufacturers (AFAR), with the collaboration of Andalusian Institute of Technology (IAT), and co-financed by Agencia Idea and the FEDER Program.