Tropicalized CO2 plants

Advanced technology of commercial refrigeration

High efficiency CO2 plants

Intarcon’s CO2 double-suction refrigeration plants are highly efficient, with ambient temperatures of up to 50ºC. The CO2 condensation through a high temperature cycle, allows working in a subcritical CO2 regime, with high efficiency even at high ambient temperatures. The high temperature stage with R134a or R290 refrigerant is contained in the refrigeration plant, with a very low refrigerant charge.

High operating reliability

The distribution circuit of the CO2 plants consists of a common liquid line, and a double suction line for medium and low temperature. While the R290 or R134a refrigerant is only confined in the cold store. The working pressures of the distribution circuit are less than 45 bar, and it is usually carried out in refrigerated copper tube.

High security

Cascade CO2 plants are characterized by moderate design pressures of 60 bar, compared to 120 bar for transcritical systems. This results in greater safety and reliability and lower manufacturing cost. All elements of the plant are found at least in duplicate, to ensure continuity of operation in the event of any incident.

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