Air cooler double air flow

INTARCON Roof-top air coolers, with double air-flow and glycol water, specially designed to meet a wide range of power needs. These units comprise solenoid valve and prewired electronic control.

They are particularly suitable for working rooms or any other space needing a minimum air flow, since they feature low-noise fans

  • In-built solenoid valve
  • High performance cooling coil, with 5 or 6 mm fins
  • Optimised hydraulic circuit for glycol water
  • Removable stainless drain tray for condensed water
  • Air defrosting system or, as an option, electric defrosting system by imbricated resistances either in coil and/or in condensation drain-tray
  • Low-noise axial motor-fan
  • Pre-wired electronic control
  • Glycol water system
  • Thread hydraulic connection

  • Defrosting Electric resistances, imbricated either in coil and/or in drain-tray
  • In-built condensate pump
  • Anticorrosive coating in coil
  • Filters in motorfans
  • Humidifying kit
  • Heating & dehumidification kit.