Aerotextile Concept Air ducts and diffusors

Textile ducts are a cost-effective solution for air distribution. They are available in several configurations and distribution types to adapt to different cold rooms.

Textile ducts can be customized and they can be installed up to 30 meters high, since they are light, easy to install, modular and washable. They allow air distribution all along the duct. Advantages:

  • Warranted aerolic result, due to a detailed analysis specific for each installation.
  • Uniform air difussion along textil duct.
  • Washable fabric machine for an optimal hygiene.
  • Technical fabrics with special features: fire resistant, antibacterial, antistatic, etc.
  • Easy and quick installation, fully removable.
  • Wide fabrics, colors and shape range.
  • Printable logo available.
  • Diferent fixing type (rails, cables, framing).
  • Profitable.
  • Light weight.

Several recommended fabrics are available according to application and features. The most usual are those based in polyester fiber weighting from 90 to 220 gr/m2.

Fabric types:

Fabric Weight Fire resistant Features and options
Light polyester 90 gr/m2 M1 Antibacterial, antistatic
Thickness polyester 220 gr/m2 M1 Low permeability for large distances
Fiberglass 450 gr/m2 M0 Inflammable and fireproof
PVC 420 gr/m2 M1 Waterproof, chlorine resistant

Diffusion types:

Hermetic Impulsion through microdrilling Impulsion through grille Radiant
8 to 30 m/s
2 to 7 m/s
0,1 to 0,8 m/s
High-range from 4 to 30 m Medium-range from 3 to 8 m Low-range from 2 to 4 m
suitable for long distance air conduction. suitable for big areas: process rooms, cold rooms, cool and hot air conditioning. suitable for cool and hot air conditioning suitable for process rooms, dryers and cold rooms.
minimum supporting structure
suitable for great temperatures changes. low obstructing rate. refrigeration only.
Previous filter required.

Fixation types:

Textile ducts are provided with all needed accessories according to the way of fixation chosen.

Bicable Monocable Aluminium rail PVC profile
suitable for ducts with bends. Suitable for low-height <4m. suitable for straight ducts in height. quick assembly and dismantling. for semicircular ducts. Suitable for low ceilings < 3m.
galvanized or stainless steel galvanized or stainless steel aluminium rails PVC profiles
15 min/m installation 10 min/m installation 20 min/m installation 20 min/m installation

Textile ducts are being used in many applications for industrial refrigeration and special process in food industry, as well as large areas air conditioning.