Success story

Application of natural refrigeration system with CO2 in bakery industry

Sustainable and environmentally
friendly solution

Success story

Application of natural refrigerant system with CO2 in bakery industry

Achieves maximum efficiency with the lowest refrigerant charge and environmentally friendly

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The company Jovianes has trusted INTARCON for its family-owned cakes and sweets industry, by means of a subcritical CO2 refrigeration system condensed with R-134A refrigerant, respectful with the environment.

This project has been an example of maturity on the part of the client, several systems were evaluated and finally they opted for the one that best adapted to their present and future needs.


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  • Refrigeration recommendations for the:
    • The need to expand your facility
    • Approach and solution
    • Advantages and disadvantages
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Bakery industry



Solution adapted
to each process



Natural refrigeration system with CO2

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