Natural and sustainable solution with R290
for a traditional industry


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Granja Consell was looking for a renovation of the existing equipment in order to have a much better performance.

The end customer is well aware of the problems that exist with some refrigerants in
terms of rates and Atmospheric Warming Potential (AWP). For this reason, since the
beginning of the study of the installation, the cooling solution using natural gases has
always been considered.

What’s in this success story?

  • The evolution of a traditional company.
  • Need to renew equipment and facilities.
  • Approach and solution.
  • Supervised and monitored with the kiconex IoT platform.
  • Success factors of the solution.


Food industry.


To find an economical and sustainable solution, which conserves their production efficiently.


Install a double glycol chiller, two industrial compacts and the kiconex IoT monitoring system.