S.A.T. San Vitor


In many processes in the food and agri-food industry, cold is used for optimal food preservation. In SAT San Vitor there was a need to refrigerate an industrial warehouse of 30 x 25 x 8m to conserve 1,500 Tn of seed potatoes from harvest time (September-October) until planting time (April), with progressive cooling regulation of the potatoes and air renovation.

Three plants are proposed for the preservation of potatoes, these plants were intarCUBE MDV-NG-70430 with 2 evaporating units MKH-NG-2250 for each plant, this allows the potato temperature to be maintained between 4-7 ºC, 85% RH and CO2 concentration below 3,000 ppm. Temperature is controlled by VEE, humidity control with the external humidification kit, insertion probes in the potato box and CO2 control with ambient probes.

This installation is equipped with the kiconex monitoring and control system.

Gauna (Álava), Spain

Food processes