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Consell Farm (Granja Consell) is synonymous with tradition and experience. They needed to renovate the equipment that already existed in order to have a much better performance in the installation.

From the first moment, we were very aware of the problem that exists with some refrigerants in terms of rates and Atmospheric Warming Potential. Therefore, together with the installer Llufriu, they chose a solution with R290 refrigeration technology.

For the refrigeration or preservation chambers, a double intarCUBE glycol chiller plant with R290 working in parallel, each sized at 75% of the required cooling capacity for each unit, double flow air coolers for the cold room, quasi-static air coolers to avoid drying out the product in the avian chamber and cubic air coolers for the egg chamber, have been installed.

For the freezer room, two compact R290 superblock units have been installed, sized at 75 % of the required cooling capacity.

Menorca, Spain

Cold rooms