Rabbit slaughterhouse

Portada matadero de conejos refrigeración INTARCON

Grupo Arcoiris S.L. has decided to use INTARCON equipment for the renovation of the refrigeration system at its rabbit slaughterhouse in Valderrobres, Teruel.

The installation had a refrigeration system in the working rooms and in the ventilation tunnel with a condensing unit and two evaporators that worked with R404a refrigerant without good results. The evaporators gave a good performance, producing ice. As a consequence, the rabbits did not come out at the desired temperature.

INTARCON together with the installation company proposed for the ventilation tunnel two independent circuits with 2 condensers and 2 evaporators with refrigerant R513a, electronic expansion valves, greater distance between fins and EC fans.

For the working rooms, an R290 chiller with variable flow rate in the primary and secondary and chillers for the rooms and chambers are proposed.

Thanks to the kiconex monitoring and control system, the slaughterhouse refrigeration system can be managed by the slaughterhouse maintenance personnel and the installation company without the need for travel.

Advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solution:

Finally in the ventilation chamber, the proposed solution involves distributing the kg of refrigerant in 2 circuits. This circuits using a refrigerant with a GWP 7 times lower, going from 3943 kg of R404a to 573 kg of R513a. In addition, the optional equipment is optimized to the real needs of the installation.

On the other hand, the project has a chiller with natural refrigerant R290 with high energy efficiency.

Teruel, Spain

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