For the new warehouse in Zaragoza, the PANAMAR bakery requested the refrigeration of a freezing cold room of 5600 m3 at -22ºC, a loading dock of 750 m3 at 10ºC and an pre cold room of 75 m3 at 4ºC.

The installation of plants and therefore several circuits with low charge of low GWP refrigerant R-449A was proposed to Panamar.

intarCUBE plants, BDV-TG-60251, with a semi-hermetic compressor of 25 HP Copeland Stream supply 4 cubic evaporators BKH-NG-2350 which are located in the freezing cold room of the bakery.

MDV-SG-61142 2x8hp Copeland Scroll unit with 3 AJD-NG-3336 double-flow evaporators are used to preserve the product in the docks; and finally, a semi-compact MSH-QG-40054 unit was installed for the pre cold room.


Food processes