NEVAMAR, a company dedicated to the processing and distribution of frozen fish such as seafood (Galician), squid, monkfish, hake, choco, swordfish and mako shark.

Given the need to cool the new fish products processing plant in Motril (Granada), a subcritical CO2 plant with double suction and water condensation is proposed for the low temperature services, as well as a R152a chiller plant for the medium/high temperature services and CO2 condensation, with glycol water impulsion at -5ºC.

The MWW-KC-32406 air-condensed glycol water chiller is a high-power plant for medium temperature cooling and will incorporate a plate heat exchanger to recover condensation heat and produce hot glycol for domestic hot water (DHW) preheating.

The main advantage of this solution is the use of a natural refrigerant with less environmental impact than HFC gases, such as CO2.


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